3 Things: 2020 Running Gear Preview

The highlight of The Running Event—an annual running industry trade show held this year in Austin, Texas? The people. Connecting with folks IRL is, well, fun—especially as a freelancer who misses working with a team. Community is one of our sport’s strengths.

As a gear hound, though, previewing 2020 running gear is also a blast. Here are three  pieces I’m looking forward to most:

1. Brooks Dare Sports Bra Collection

Y’all, we have sports bra news! I’m exceptionally excited because I have been unicorn hunting aka searching for the perfect sports bra for 15+ years. If you have breasts, you know how they can influence your running. Research, too, shows how breasts and sports bras may affect your stride, pain, participation levels, and—yes—performance. Brooks’ sports bra department (FKA Moving Comfort) dove into research like this to inform a new collection called Dare. Revamped bands and breathable memory foam cups are refreshing, rational features of purpose-driven design (for running). Fingers crossed the Dare lineup strikes the balance between support and comfort.

$55-$75, available January 2020

2. CamelBak Zephyr pack

We’ve entered a new era in running packs. Before, hydration-flask packs divided trail runners with breasts into two camps: FemmeBots and floppy fishmongers. Circa 2018, women’s specific packs emerged with targeted anatomical design. But CamelBak’s new Zephyr style, new for Spring 2020, considers more than boobs; it uses gender-specific sweat zone research to map extra-breathable materials around the torso. It has requisite reachable pockets, lots of adjustable straps, a 12L capacity, and—V IMPORTANT—anti-stinky properties (thanks to Polygiene), which all combine as an improvement on previous styles

$149, available Spring 2020


3. Salomon Sense 4 Pro

This revamped trail running shoe features a breathable, woven hydrophobic upper, 3 mm traction-ready lugs, and a midsole compound called OptiVibe, tailored to balance protection and propulsion. Designed to be light and fast, it weighs 7.6 oz and has a 4mm heel-to-toe drop. It seems like it’ll deliver a good time. Because running should be fun. Or at least fun to talk about when you’re done.

$140, available February 2020


Many thanks to the illustrious blogger and long-time friend Lydia Lauer for her “5 Things” series that inspired this post and a forthcoming series. Check out her site, Making La Madre, and Instagram for delightful insights on motherhood and much more.

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