On Girls Running

Thank you, Mary Cain, and each and every person who has spoken out about abuse. 

On the heels of a poignant video co-produced by Lindsay Crouse of The New York Times, we say systematic mistreatment of female athletes must stop. 

That’s why Melody Fairchild and I wrote GIRLS RUNNING, a forthcoming book from Velo Press. A comprehensive guide for young athletes, it’s inspired by Melody’s running journey—including her 2-mile record, which Cain broke in 2013.

Our aim? Empower athletes. Provide a toolkit that girls can use to cultivate a life-long healthy relationship with running. Advocate for sound training and coaching principles, and for more female coaches. 

Despite the persistence of an archaic paradigm, a new narrative is brewing. It’s time to surge forward, together. We hope the book will be a resource, so we can run stronger and faster, and have more fun. 

“You could save someone’s life, not just their running career, with this information. Running is here for you not just to reach your potential as a runner but to touch your potential as a human.” —Melody Fairchild

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Photograph: Boulder Mountain Warriors, courtesy of Glen Delman

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