3 Things: Gifts for Runners

Tis the season! Here are my top three recommendations for gifting the runners in your life.

1. Buff Filter Tube

Since March, I’ve been running mostly with a face covering, especially in the city. This new Buff Filter Tube is a vast improvement over any other mask, bandana, or basic tube I’ve tried. First, it has more filtration, with an antimicrobial interior pocket and a replaceable 3-layer filter that lasts for 24 hours of wear. Second, it’s made with recycled stretchy fabric that stays put over my nose and mouth—thanks to darts—without that slight suffocation feeling some tighter face coverings induce. It dries quickly and comes in adult and youth sizing.

$29, available at buffusa.com

Photo: Courtesy Buff

2. Brooks Dare Crossback Run Bra

I’ve searched high and low and thank goodness I finally found it: a sports bra that is supportive AND comfortable AND holds up. It took a few tries for me to find the right size, but when I did, I stocked up and donated most of my other running bras. The Brooks Dare Crossback is just that great! It’s seamless, with smooth molded cups and without the lung-constricting band womxn runners have been wrestling with since the Jog Bra was invented in 1977. It’s available online, but I also recommend checking your local running store—that’s likely offering gift cards and runner-friendly stocking stuffers (as Seven Hills Running Shop is here in Seattle).

$60, available at Brooksrunning.com

3. Girls Running book

Shameless self promotion? Yep. Still worth a gander? Yes, please, and not only for young runner girls. My co-author Melody Fairchild and I are hearing positive feedback from a wide range of readers, including adults who are runners themselves, and athletes from other sports. I think that’s because the issues we talk about are not only running issues, and not only “girls’ issues.” For an unbiased review, check out professional runner and author Becky Wade’s write-up for Runner’s World. GIRLS RUNNING: All You Need to Strive, Thrive, and Run Your Best is available through your local bookstore and online. Please support independent bookstores, such as through Bookshop.

$19.95 available at your local bookstore and online

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